Company Disciplinary Policies and Procedures


Discipline Policy


·  On Track Railroad Construction, LLC believes that education is the key to establishing proper disciplinary procedures and holding all employees accountable to our company’s health and safety policy and program, as well as to applicable regulatory requirements


·  At On Track Railroad Construction we do not view discipline as a form of punishment but as a rule or system of rules governing conduct or activity in order to eliminate unsafe circumstances.


Disciplinary Program


·  The main objective of our disciplinary program is to ensure that On Track’s rules and safe work practices are taken seriously by all employees and are followed.


·  Where disciplinary action is deemed to be appropriate, it shall be conducted in a timely manner.


·  Discipline shall be kept as positive as possible and not used in a punitive or negative way. Remember, the goal is to correct the problem, action, or behavior of the person. The type of discipline shall fit the severity of the misconduct and shall be conducted in private.


·  Disciplinary action will be taken for violations such as, inexcusable tardiness, inexcusable absence, safety violations, unruly behavior, etc.


Disciplinary Program Process


In order to ensure effectiveness and fairness of the program, all of the following steps must be addressed with equal importance.


1.  Verbal Warning – Will be documented, if the violation poses a threat to the company or employees, then the employee will be asked to leave the jobsite promptly, and without pay.

2.  Written Warning – The violation will be documented and the employee will be promptly asked to leave work for the rest of the day, and without pay.

3.  One Week suspension without pay.

4.  Termination – Termination will only be applicable if Process Numbers 1, 2, and 3 have been applied within 4 months of each other.